Audio Programming for Online and Direct Mail

Audio is a powerful tool that builds relationships and sets you apart from the competition as an expert in your field. We work with you to produce your customized audio programs and then provide you distribution services for those programs with BOTH online tools for audio streaming along with duplication services for CD and USB distribution for direct mail.

Our customized audio programs convey to your prospects good and timely information on the home selling process in a Q and A radio-talk show style. This style of podcast gives third-party endorsement that sets you apart as the expert of choice to sell homes.

You use these audio programs on their own as podcasts (streaming audio that can be listened to online via computer or hand-held device) or as a program that you distribute on CD or USB drive. Our unique audio programs give the listener great information on the home buying and home selling process and sets you as the trusted adviser giving out good and timely information.

As these audio programs have been specifically and exclusively written and produced for you; to showcase to prospects your unique and cutting-edge programs that sell homes fast and for top dollar, you will not find another any other comprehensive Done-For-You program for customized audio programming like ours. These audio programs will set you apart and open up your prospect’s mind and predispose them to work with you and only you to sell their home.

Third Party Endorsement

Our programs are set as third party “objective” radio talk-shows. In the audio program, you are interviewed by our radio talk show host in a Q and A format. This confirms to the audience that you are a real estate expert. During the interview you share with listeners your unique points of difference, innovative consumer programs and your guarantees.

Topics may include:

  • What makes you different, YOUR USP(s)
  • Your 6 Satisfaction Guarantees
  • Your Unique Consumer Programs
  • City-wide Buyers Network & Buyers-in-Waiting Programs


How our Done-For-You Programs work:

You can choose our Ready-to-Record™ Real Estate Today Radio Interview or the Your Radio Show™ script where we work with you to customize your program creative.


When you purchase the Ready-to-Record ™ program, we send you a fully customizable script that you review and make updates to. We then set up a time to record your portion of the script via telephone, Skype or GoToMeeting. Once recorded, we edit and complete with our host John C. Hart.

Listen below to sample Ready-to-Record Real Estate Today Radio Interview

USA Real Estate Today with Nathan Clark

South Carolina Real Estate Today with Kellar Lawrence

Available in Podcasting format (with customized replay page) and as a CD or on a USB stick for direct mail.



Your Radio Show™ script

With this program, we create a program for you. If you have specific talking points, services or systems that are not covered in our Ready-to-Record ™ program, we work with you to write and produce an audio program that is tailored to your specifics. We book a one-hour Skype or GoToMeeting webinar with you, which we record. This is our preliminary interview where we ask you questions and record your answers. Once the interview is done, we transcribe the recording and build our interview from your answers and this becomes the script for the show. Once the script is approved by you and updates completed, we book a one-hour recording session to record your portion of the completed script. In tandem, our production team records our on-air talent. Once both sides of the interview are seamlessly edited, you audio interview program is completed. Available in Podcasting format (with customized replay page) and as a CD or on a USB stick for direct mail.

Your Radio Show interview includes:

  • We work with you to customize the script
  • Record your interview over the phone or in studio.
  • Our audio specialists edit the program and master it to CD or USB drive and for Online use.
  • Customized Done 4 You Podcasting page.
  • Duplication of CDs or USB drives extra

Click on the links provided below and listen to a sampling of recent customized Interviews

Craig Procter
Real Estate Confidential with Craig Proctor –

Real Estate Confidential for Optimus Real Estate Brokers –

Willie Miranda
5 Tips to Sell Your Home Fast and For Top Dollar: George Lorimer and Willie Miranda –



Testimonial Audio Program

In this audio program we record testimonials or use audio from testimonials you have previously recorded. We edit the individual testimonials into impactful, emotional statements and then apply professional equalizing, mixing and music (as necessary).

We finalize the program with a professional voice over recording that introduces each testimonial with a brief highlight of the customer (i.e. Joe and Debbie Johnson, home sold in 2 days for 105% of the asking price). Nothing is as powerful as good quality, well edited, testimonials.


How it works and what’s included

  • Your clients call into our toll free # and record their testimonial. We provide you with a sample script.
  • You send us your own recordings. These can include audio and video files
  • We edit the testimonials into impactful, emotional statements
  • Once you approve the master, we prepare it for distribution on CD or USB Drive
  • Customized Done 4 You Podcasting page
  • Duplication of CD’s or USB drives extra

Click on links provided below to hear actual these programs




Use the audio in the following ways:

In Direct Mail

Lead Generation – As an incentive in your existing advertising. Offer the audio CD or USB drive as a lead generator to prospects in your existing postcard, web, radio, TV or newspaper advertising to get them to raise their hand. Advertise it as a radio program that you are on that give them an opportunity to learn about a unique and exclusive way to sell their home fast and for top dollar.

Prelisting Package – Send out your CD or USB drive with audio programs, along with other materials, such as special reports, area home sales report and other collateral before going on an appointment. (GREAT to include with your Pre-Selling Kit “The Bomb”). The information relayed to listeners will predispose them to your unique system for selling homes quickly, for more money and with little hassle. It will set you apart as the trusted professional in your marketplace.

Follow Up – For prospects who have contacted you for an online home evaluation or for another type of special report, send an audio CD or USB drive as one in a series of mail-outs to slowly “drip” your information to prospects as they get ready to make a decision on who to list their home with.

Leave Behind – For prospects, who you present your benefits to at the listing appointment and who need time to think about their decision. Leave one of the CDs/USB drives behind as your opportunity to re-enforce your message and help them make the RIGHT decision: YOU.


Podcasting – Share your audio programs on your exclusive and Branded Done 4 You Audio Podcasting page. Send out your program via links in emails and drive traffic to your programs via Social Media. Your programs can be heard on desktop computers and hand-held devices.

Optimus Real Estate Brokers

Royse Radio

ITunes – have your programs available on ITunes for download.