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Differentiate yourself from your competition and command higher fees by becoming an Expert and Trusted Real Estate Advisor as a PUBLISHED BOOK AUTHOR … it’s easier than you think

When you are in a bookstore or at a library and look at the rows and rows of books, are you under the impression that the authors of those publications are experts?

The short answer is yes. Once you become a published author you are, in the eyes of your reader, an expert. People look to you as an authority – as someone who really knows what he or she is talking about. It’s the assumption that most people make about authors and your prospective clients are no different.

As a real estate agent, you should add book writing to your to-do list. With the Done 4 You Publishing System, it’s easy and inexpensive to get started.

Top Reasons to Become a Published Author

A book is a great way to attract business and convert more prospects to clients. The benefits of becoming a published author don’t stop here but it will get you to start thinking of the possibilities for you in your marketplace.

  1. Free publicity. You spend a lot of money on marketing and advertising; wouldn’t it be nice to get some free press? That is what a book can do for you. Reporters love interviewing published authors and quoting them as experts in their news articles and on radio and television programs.
  2. Reach more people. When you have your own book, you have the opportunity to get in front of a larger audience. You can create a website dedicated to your book and you can contract with and other booksellers to offer your book.3. Potential clients will be drawn to you. As a real estate agent, you know that your potential clients often get overwhelmed when trying to hire the right person to represent them. As a published author you gain an edge over your competition and stand out from the crowd of realtors in your area.4. Become a credible source of information. People will feel like they can trust what you have to say. After all, you have written a book on the very subject they are interested in!


Titles to choose from:

The Ultimate No Holds Barred Real Estate Guide

Your real estate information calling card book for sellers and buyers.
Chaptes include*:

Chapter 1 – Selling or Buying in YOUR HOMETOWN HERE

Chapter 2 – YOUR NAME HERE – Your Not So Typical Real Estate Agent

Chapter 3 – Your Home Sold Fast and For Top Dollar with our Unique Systems

Chapter 4 – YOUR TEAM NAME Approach – From Listing to Sale

Chapter 5 – A New & Better Way to Sell or Buy a Home in YOUR AREA HERE

Chapter 6 – Guaranteed Performance

Chapter 7 – Our 6 Point 100% Satisfaction Guarantees

Chapter 8 – Mistakes to Avoid When Interviewing Real Estate Agents

Chapter 9 – What to Ask Potential Real Estate Agents

Chapter 10 – Preparing Your Home to Sell Fast and For Top Dollar

Chapter 11 – Our Exclusive Marketing Systems

Chapter 12 – Who Hires YOUR NAME HERE Team?

Chapter 13 – 4 Big Reasons to Ask YOUR NAME to Sell Your Home

Chapter 14 – Lies and Misconception when Selling YOUR CITY/TOWN HERE Home

Chapter 15 – Helping You Buy THE RIGHT HOME for the BEST PRICE

Chapter 16 – Building the Real Estate Office of the Future

Chapter 17 – Staging Concepts for a Successful Home Sale

Chapter 18 – Our Extended Team

Chapter 19 – Our Team Gives Back to the Community

*Chapter titles may change without notice

Here is a summary of what you get:
  • 160-page book (which means about 140 pages of “content”. 20 pages will be taken up by graphics, bullet points, lists and pictorial examples. These numbers are approx. Final page numbers will be reflected in with the amount of customized content
  • Book trim 6×9 – the most common trade paperback size.
  • Standard content sections will be tweaked as necessary for local variations in regulations (Florida state regulations, for example) and climate (particularly matters of staging, home maintenance, etc.).
  • 100% custom cover
  • QuickStart Customization form
  • Customization Interview – 1.5 – 2.5 hour telephone / Skype / GoToMeeting interview to fill in details for your custom section.
  • Short turn-around (not including printing)
  • Printing cost TBD and vary depending on quantity

Fill in your information below to receive sample chapters

All inclusive for single agent book – US$3997.00 (Printing and taxes extra – where applicable)Order Now
Single Agent book with Vendor inclusions – US$4997.00 (Printing and taxes extra – where applicable)Order Now
#XYZ Reasons You Will Sell Your Home Fast and For Dollar
A book authored and edited using testimonials, reviews and examples of homes you have sold. Inside readers will find*:

  • Reasons to Sell their Home with your team
  • Reasons to Buy their next home with your team
  • Examples of how you and your team sell homes faster and for more money
  • Local reviews, local knowledge, expertise, responsiveness and negotiation skills

*Chapter titles may change without notice

  • Short turn-around (not including printing)
  • Printing cost TBD and vary depending on quantity and number of final pages. Page numbers will be determined by the amount of testimonial., review and examples submitted.

Fill in your information below to receive sample chapters

All inclusive for single agent book – US$499.00 (Printing and taxes extra – where applicable)Order Now
Single Agent book with Vendor inclusions – US$4997.00 (Printing and taxes extra – where applicable)Order Now


Done 4 You Book Publishing Tips (example below)

Done 4 You Tip #1 – Getting Top Results From Your Book Giveaways!

By offering your book for free to your ideal clients, you are speaking to an audience that is ready to listen—and ready to hire a real estate agent. If your offer is good and helps them in their time of need, then they are much more likely to hire you over a competitor who has nothing tangible to offer.

Research proves that free book offers work. We found that you can increase the response of website visitors to take action by over 35% when offering a free book as an incentive.

So, if you don’t have a free book offer on your website, you are missing out on numerous highly motivated clients.

Done 4 You Tip #2 – The 3 crucial steps to take when offering your book online

  • Create a valuable and relevant free offer. Your free book offer should be relevant to your potential clients and really offer something of value. Aim to impress your readers.
  • Target the right audience with your offer. Once you have a great book, you have to get it in front of the right people. Think about your target audience, and then add your free offer on relevant websites, blogs, and social media posts.
  • Don’t forget to add a great a call to action. Make sure your reader feels encouraged to contact you with further questions once they’ve read through your book. After all, you ultimately want your free book to bring in more clients for your business. The most effective offers tell readers what to do next and include a great call to action!

Done 4 You Tip #3 – Give away your book as downloadable e-book chapters or as a physical product

  • Downloadable offers. Make risk-free offers to prospects to request excerpts and sections of your book by filling in a short opt-in form, requiring no physical address or phone number. The form should include fields for a name and email address only. This will allow you to send the file and follow-up emails in the form of a drip campaign and is less intimidating than a longer form.
  • Physical offers. When you offer the book in its physical form, you’ll need an address. To get a free book people will be willing to fill out a longer form that includes name, street address, phone number, and email. The benefit of a longer form is that you will send them the book PLUS you will have their address to send out traditional, snail-mail marketing materials, such as postcards and printed newsletters.

Now that you have contact information, make good use of it. An email drip or direct mail campaign will keep your real estate services on the minds of those who were already interested enough to request your free book offer.

Done 4 You Tip #4 – Get your book read!

How we keep your potential clients reading:

  • Setting up each chapter as a “Secret Revealed” or “Priceless Tip”
  • Including images, graphs, and/or charts
  • Ensuring that it’s error free
  • Breaking up long chapters and paragraphs
  • Talking about them, not you
  • Saving the call to action for the end
  • From title to the final paragraph, your book should reflect your professionalism and dedication to helping your clients.


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