House Talk Program

Real Estate Agents and Brokers

INSTANT audio information on your Seller’s home right to your buyer’s SmartPhone, tablet or computer

Watch the video below on how HouseTalk works and the benefits to your busines

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  • Cheaper and easier to manage than a Radio Talking House transmitter!
  • Faster and more user friendly than Info Line and No Toll Charges!
  • Direct buyers to hear audio information on your property listings by directing them to a unique URL or QR Code that you program for each listing.

Try it right now on your smartphone!
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You Get:

* FREE Signage templates to download and customize or provide to your sign maker or printer
* Single Agent, Team Leader and Broker accounts available
* First 30 Days Free (You save $49, $99 or $299, depending on the subscription level chosen)
* No Long Term Contract


Single Agent Account – $49 /month Today Only
(Regular $99/ month) – Individual agents can add up to 50 homes on their HouseTalk®™ site at any one time.


Team Leader Account – $99/month Today Only
(Regular $149/ month) Team Leader or registered agents with the Team Leader can add up to 50 properties for up to 10 registered agents on the team


Broker Account – $299/month Today Only
(Regular $499/ month) Broker or registered agents with the Broker can add up to 50 properties for up to 100 registered agents in the brokerage

Use promo code HT30DAYS to get your FREE 30-day trial for any of our subscriptions. Once you register, you will receive our customization form and instructional video on getting started, along with a link to download your signage templates.

*A onetime $99 setup fee will be processed after your 30 day trial, if you continue with the program.